About ESS Group

Providing solutions is the key for ESS Group Material Handling and Industrial Storage Division. ESS Group takes pride in improving your storage efficiencies or providing process improvements to add value to your operation.;

ESS Group has ta talented staff of material handling professionals that will take your project from conception through start-up. We offer all of the up-front technical support functions including: 

  1. Site Surveys
  2. Space Utilization Studies
  3. Operational Improvement Plans
  4. CAD Drawings
  5. Specification Support

We also offer a complete and comprehensive product line. Just take a minute and look at our website for all of our product offerings. We do not stop there; we also offer complete installation, equipment maintenance and repair service that will support you after the sale. We are your one-source solutions provider! ESS Group's creed is "to treat customers as you would want to be treated", yes, The Golden Rule Approach!


About the ESS Group Logo

The ESS Group logo, three connected hexagons, was designed using the idea of “Nature’s Perfect Storage.” Honeybees create hexagonal honeycombs to maximize the amount of storage area for honey. A regular hexagon or “honeycomb” is the best way to divide a surface into regions with the least total perimeter. This concept is the driving force behind the industrial storage goals of ESS Group: to create a total storage solution to maximize space, time, and monetary efficiency. Like the honeybees, ESS Group team members will take a storage area and, using quality storage products, design a storage and material handling system that will decrease the footprint of the storage units, clearing up floor space for additional inventory, or honey in the case of the bees. More honey means more money!